Old IPPT for NSFs, New IPPT for ORNS

The relevant authorities should consider maintaining the current IPPT system for NSFs and applying the new system for reservist units.

NSFs have the major benefit of residential training. Additionally, their training is overseen and benchmarked by trained instructors. In contrast, reservistmen have less time to train due to various reasons. Reservists also may also not be able to afford the same quality of training that comes with having trained instructors.

NSFs are also in the prime of their lives. As such, they would be able to better withstand the rigors of robust training as compared to NSMen – many who are past their prime. As it stands, the current IPPT system caters to various age groups, and those who fall under the older age groups are not required to undergo certain IPPT test stations.

It should be remembered that National Service serves the very real role as a pillar of defence in Singapore. Reservist units are also typically deployed in support or roles. Even now, NSFs from the various Home Team departments are deployed in actual operations where a high level of fitness is paramount.

National Service continues to be a source of constant debate. On one hand, it is criticised on being too harsh. On the other, it is condemned as being too easy as compared to the previous experiences of older generations, and even lamblasted as creating “Strawberry Generation”. Ultimately, in order to remain relevant and not merely a test for the sake of appearances, the IPPT should be based on the realities of both NSFs and NSmen.

*old olllld issue – one that i submitted for publishing. But it didn’t get printed. So here it shall be posted.


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