Captain America :The Winter Soldier Review



A superhero flick chock-full of real world themes, mostly brilliant fight scenes and a decent storyline about conspiracies and espionage.

If you are a fan of the Avengers, Chris Evans or action in general, you should try to catch The Winter Soldier on the big screen. Set after the events of The Avengers, The Winter Soldier explores how Steve Rogers is adapting to 21st Century life while fighting the Good Fight as a black-ops operative under SHIELD (as in the organisation, not his trademark “weapon”). When SHIELD Director Nick Fury is shot while investigating a suspicious SHIELD mobile satellite platform, it is up to Captain America and agent Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow to step up and save the day. However, as the duo dig deeper behind the circumstances of the shooting, the line between good guys and bad guys blur as spy games come into play and the Cap discovers some old friends and enemies.

 As mentioned above, the movie has some great close combat sequences, most notably between Captain America and the mercenary Batroc, portrayed by UFC legend George St Pierre. The elevator scene will also change the way how you feel when a crowd joins you in an elevator. The Winter Soldier really builds on Evans’ penchant for parkour (as he demonstrates in his previous movies like The Losers). In The Winter Soldier, it is blended with various martial arts and choreographed into a believable and cool-looking fighting style that will make the guys go “whoa” and make the girls gasp every time the guns go empty.

I kid you not with the gasping.

In fact, during the climatic fight scene in the movie, audible gasps could be heard around me in surround sound, as the ladies in the theatre saw Captain America go mano el mano and traded blows with the Winter Soldier. That said, some fight aficionados may not appreciate the unnecessary number of back flips and somersaults executed in the movie.

The Winter Soldier has decent sound effects and music but nothing overtly memorable. The visual effects however, will definitely blow you away in a manner similar to – but not quite on par with– The Avengers.

Despite its comic book based origins, the movie does touch on numerous real world issues – most notably the thin line between invasive surveillance and preventive security. I also observed the following in the movie; that most of the bad guys were Caucasian American (with two possibly being Hispanic). On the other hand, nearly all the African Americans in the movie were good guys. Of course, this could be an allusion to race-supremacist origin of the bad guys.

After all the bad guys have been stomped and potential world crisis averted, Captain America 2 is a must watch, especially if you’re in love with the Avengers, Chris Evans or a manic fight sequence lover (like me). Oh and remember to stay after the credits for two (not one) sequences that hint of the future in the Marvel-movie continuity.


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