300: Rise of an Empire


(3.5 / 5)
Entertaining and Good, but could be better

300: Rise of an Empire is part sequel, part prequel to the 2007 historical warfare flick: 300. Like its predecessor, Rise of an Empire is a highly fictionalised take on the Persian-Greco war; meaning that this movie cares more about entertaining than being historically accurate.

Unlike its predecessor unfortunately, Rise of an Empire may fall short for some in the entertainment department. The movie lacks any truly memorable characters: Themistocles can be construed as a slightly hornier version of Leonidas, Artemisia fulfils the typical bad-ass psycho female villain and Queen Gorgo fulfils the Wonderwoman role pretty well.

Despite this and the lack of any hardcore, male-orientated, chest-beating one-liners (nothing in this movie, said by any guy, tops Leonidas’ “This is Sparta”), Rise of an Empire is still an awesome visual spectacle of shadow play, slow-mo special effects, gore, bloodletting, brutal melee, six packs and tits. Speaking of tits, one of the movie’s most memorable scenes was the sex scene between Themistocles and Artemisia. What started as a simple play of seduction ends up being something of a fight scene between the two navy generals; with Themistocles being…well I won’t spoil it for you. I daresay this scene will be of focus of feminist studies and female film theory for years to come.

This movie will almost definitely spawn workout videos and fitness articles on how to get ripped like Themistocles. In fact, I would be surprised if it didn’t. The 300 workout video was followed by many Man of Steel workout videos. Zack Snyder sure seems to have the innate ability shape the ideal male physique with the portrayal of men in his movies huh?

All in all, 300: Rise of an Empire is a good movie and most people will leave the theatre fairly entertained. However the lack of a full-stop ending and memorable characters may disappoint movie-goers.



  1. lola

    Finally!!! The long awaited post of a movie review from you is back after so long hahahaha! Why it seems that the movie has its kinky plot eh? D:

    • Haven’t been watching movies close to the release date for some time :s

      Yea. Its a completely different usage of sex. And its refreshing to see the lady not being entirely helpless. If the scene was a fight scene, i daresay she hit as hard as she got.

      • lola

        I’m pretty sure you were “thrilled” watching that scene huh.. Hahahahah! =|

      • Lets just say I can appreciate a lady’s ability to handle herself with dignity, skill and confidence in any and all circumstance.

        No innuendo or disrespect intended to any lady.

  2. lola

    Naww!!! Full respect towards a guy like you. I’m sure your girlf admire you alot xD

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