Can SMRT Follow Nintendo?

Above: Buses packed with people are the norm these days. So are train breakdowns and accidents.

                A few days ago Earlier this month, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced that he as well as the board members of Nintendo will be cutting their salary. The announcement came after Mr Satoru revealed to the public that, in a nine-month period, Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii-U was performing poorly on the market and. This resulted in a significant decline in Nintendo’s overall profits. As such, Mr Satoru would be receiving half of his usual salary for the next five months, while Nintendo board members will receive a cut of 20 to 30 percent.

                SMRT’s upcoming fare hikes in April are to offset the increase in operating costs – costs that have eaten into the profit margin. Perhaps, rather than implementing a fare review, SMRT should follow Nintendo’s lead and allowed its top man and board members to bear a salary cut.

                While the core products of Nintendo and SMRT are as different as night and day, the behaviour of top man Satoru communicates an inherent loyalty and responsibility to investors and consumers. Such a move would demonstrate that SMRT has implemented all other viable safeguards against a fare hike. Additionally, such a move would also restore faith in our public transport system, especially in light of continued errors and failures.


Wrote in to the papers few weeks ago. It didn’t get published. Maybe I should stop writing such radical and/or stupid things. Also the strike through on the first line represents where an edit was made to be more contextually precise.



  1. Lone Guy

    PAP men only take raises and bonus as they are the division 1 team. If somethings screws up its not their fault, usually it ranges from the citizen to the world econimy but if something works great it was their idea

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