Emperor Palpatine, is that you?


(Above: a screen grab of the PAP Facebook page. Note the Grand Army of The Republic standing at attention).

The PAP Facebook page carried a snapshot of PM Lee entering the newly opened Sandcrawler Building earlier today. The featured picture, credited to a The Straits Times photographer, was captioned with the words; “PM Lee….greeted by people in Darth Vader and Stormtrooper customes…”.

I am a huge Star Wars fan (The Sith Order specifically) and I daresay the whole event was probably more grand and dire.

As PM Lee walked down the carpet, the Imperial March theme song would have been playing in the background. There would probably be a lot more storm troopers present and Darth Vader….well he’s probably an ISD agent operating on a galactic scale. In fact, the whole scene should have played out in a similar fashion to that awesome scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

Except with PM Lee as Emperor Palpatine. Which would be also be somewhat awesome and scary.

(above:  see the semblance now?)

(above: for the “lolz”)

*I’ll update this post with relevant links once I’m out from reservist. Long live the Emperor! *ignites lighsaber*

Edit; 25 January – The video of Emperor Palpatine arriving on the Death Star was added, together with a parody involving the previous Pope.


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