Sorry ain’t enough

The word sorry may be the single most commonly used in the human language. We say sorry for the simple things, such as when approaching people and telling them they dropped something. We say sorry when we mess things up at work, at home, with friends and with loved ones.

Why do we say sorry anyway? Is it for them? Or us? To appease (not quite the proper word but….) them or to remove that sense of guilt that gnaws at our hearts. Perhaps it is both?

But sometimes sorry isn’t enough — when you know you have irrevocably hurt someone who thinks the world of you. You realise that you carelessly inflicted upon them the kind of pain that turns the thoughts of you from a source of happiness and job into a wellspring of hatred and malice. When you realise that you have done the very thing you promised yourself you’d never do to another human being….

What do you do then?

As it is oft said in Singlish; “sorry no cure”.

I always believed that the people who have consistently repeated the mistakes of the past, the mistakes of inflicting hurt and harm towards friends, family and loved ones, should be left alone in some prison – some invisible prison – that allows him/her to watch as the world goes round, watch as others learn, feel and live, but does not allow him to interact with the world. A prison of our own making, that allows us to exist, but not live.

I guess maybe it’s time for a little walk….



  1. lola

    i feel you, bro. earlier this year, i made an effort of making my beloved friend happy on her birthday itself by casting some surprises to her which causes some energy drained on me. not those cliche birthday surprises you would know. unfortunately things doesn’t get into my way, and i got a bad remark by this birthday girl. i felt bad for planning such stupid surprise and feeling that my apology wasnt accepted. i don’t know what more can i do to let her forgive me hmm :/

    if you are affected with someone you loved, don’t think don’t care too much about this people. just pray for a good life for them. forgive that person ASAP. one day, you will forget that hurtful moment. i hope by now u feeling much much much better aye 🙂


  2. Tim

    Bro. Even if it is as far as it gets, for all you know it could be more than enough.

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