Less squeezing more buses please

Sent a forum letter to TODAY newspaper. It got published …well sort of….on 29 September 2013.

Recently, SMRT wardens have been deployed at several bus stops at Bukit Panjang. Their task seems to centre around getting passengers on crowded buses to squeeze in more, to allow more people to board.

It is now common to see commuters scanning their ez-link cards and being made to board via the rear doors. This is somewhat successful in certain cases, such as those involving the elderly and pregnant women.

However, this strategy would inevitably do more harm than good. The first problem would involve the outrage of modesty. Packed buses are an opportune situation for molesters and perverts to act. Then there is the question of what would happen should a packed bus get into an accident.

SMRT should instead deploy more buses to spread out the human load. It must expand its fleet further to cater to Singapore’s burgeoning population rather than getting the population to cater to its shortcomings.

So that’s that.
I need to change the game. But first a holiday would be nice. Or a mini sabbatical. Whichever is cheaper.

Oh and a completely separate note, here’s a STOMP article that came out today, complete with video, showcasing a guy touching a girl’s behind. Another article of interest for those of you curious to see how commonplace this is can be seen here: The Real Singapore.


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