Profiteers break our unity




30 Jun 2013:
My article managed to get published in the Voices section of TODAY newspaper on 27 June 2013.Ā  Yay. Also I would like to thank the paper for being kind enough to print the piece.



On a separate note, if time allows, I shall try to start cataloging reports of shops and people who have been seen trying to profit from this whole situation.



  1. Tim

    Nice. Anyway the mask is super uncomfortable and I hate wearing it. Hahaha

  2. Tim

    Oh before I forget, can I have your email? I want to ask you some questions privately.

  3. Cat

    Congrats upon your published articles! Happy for you! šŸ™‚ Seems like you’re on your best road as a successful journalist. Keep up with that. I will always support you. Teehee šŸ˜€

    And, oh have you watch Man of Steel recently? I hope you do… If you have plenty bit of time, write it your awesome-attractive reviews here. Miss reading your movie review write-up.


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