A New Future

I would like to dedicate this poem to Tim – who has been bugging me (in a good way) a lot. You once mentioned that the fall you had was that you spent a lot of time on blogs etc? I daresay when you meet The One, you will move heaven and earth to win her heart. On that note, I would also like to dedicate this poem to all the women whose smile has stolen my breath and made me sigh.

O stars shining bright,
like so many lit candles in the unbroken night,
I see in your eyes a reason to try,
A reason to breathe and live,
That reason be your smile,
of which to catch a sight,

You are hip, oh so fly,
baby oh baby I really wonder why,
after drinking darkness,
your presence livens,
breaking dawn and smashing an established pattern,

now I see with eyes anew,
oh hope, of a future,
of being one with you,
it will not be easy,
it will not be smooth,

But baby youโ€™re worth it,
cause hot damn, you are you.



  1. Tim

    Wah you’re definitely one to set many hearts racing. What can I expect of writers eh? You’re a master of your craft. Nice. Thank you for your dedication ๐Ÿ™‚


    And yet to meet The One you say? Ive certainly met.
    Set my heart aflutter many weeks back.

    Met at bus stops, lifts and eateries
    Never at train stations ain’t that a misery?

    Stammer like an idiot I did, my body froze
    Words failed me every time we’re close.

    Sat in the bus we did once, no actually twice,
    Not much was exchanged but oh a thrill a question you did ask!

    Alas not a question that I was thrilled to reply.
    A question designed, I view, to swat pesky flies.

    Misery seeps in, I grew gradually morose,
    Not meant to be I know, accustomed to I’ve grown.

    Romance is out of question, I wouldn’t dare to seek affection,
    A chat over coffee now, is definitely more than perfection.

    So here is my story I’ve told with much regret,
    it is an episode of my life that will be hard to forget.

    So here Mr Bard, definitely not a haiku
    But surely I hope, this amuses you.


    P.s Sorry i feel bad bugging you. But hey you have fan so you should be thrilled. Plus what can one do when you’re outside with your smartphone and you’re bored. Haha

    • I’m still trying to learn really. I never had formal training in poetry (although I somehow managed to scoop the best Valentine’s Day poem in secondary school). Hahaha better lucky then good eh?

    • On a sidenote…

      I’ve never understood women (no offence to the ladies). They are so wonderful yet terrible. Wars have been fought for them. Epics written about them. Revolutions fought by them. And we, as men still get our asses handed to us by them.

      Especially when we have to make the first move. But sometimes…you just have to jump first and question sanity later eh? (ie ask the girl for her name and number, consequences be damned).

      • Tim

        What a way to describe women! lol. It is a tad erroneous to assume for all ladies to possess leadership qualities, fighting abilities and courage.Not all men possess these either. And then not all men hands over their asses. Haha.

        And there are so many lovely ladies around~~ I think maybe you have not had the fortune yet to meet one. Haha

        For that last part, I have to admit I am a little hesitant to write this. As far as attraction is concerned, truthfully speaking, I am more drawn to thorns than roses. Why else would I deliberately avoid the use of gender pronouns? Had it been a normal attraction the above advice would be legitimate. In my case, asking for the number would be straight up insane. I am not prepared to make a mockery of myself further….I don’t think you would ever understand my predicament.

        But oh wells, life~~

      • hahahhahahaha

        Actually ah, I myself am drawn thorns. I find damsels in distress a total turn-off. That said, it’s fine to always help a girl who needs help (or anyone else really). But I find it incredible that some girls (and in observation, a few guys) think that the world must help them because they are screwed.

        It is more ridiculous when the situation they are crying over isn’t even a real problem!

      • Tiim

        Whatttt i mean really? Ure not pulling my leg arent u? i mean..i dun even..nt dat it is.. your blog had me confused…but well, welcome to the club. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Oh boy u have no idea..

        So now what do u reckon shld i do? What wld u do in my position? I like him so much and the fact tat he is leaving really soon and dat i wouldnt be able to see him again really makes my heart break. He is always so near yet so far.

        Gosh talk abt hopelessly being in love. Haisss

  2. Tim

    *but hey you have a fan


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