The Rum Diary

A tale of rum, bad horrorscope and bastards

The Rum Diary tells of a alcoholic, down-on-his-luck novelist turned journalist Bob Kemp, who flew to San Paulo to make his name and fortune. Well… actually more like make some money to fill his fridge and then some for a year or two. Along the way he meets a crooked and weird ensemble of photographers, editors, writers, barflies, police and of course, corrupt businessmen.

There are a number of funny scenes in the money, starting early when a fellow journalist was reportedly ‘raped till he died’. Also sprinkled here and there are sexual innuendos and references that blend well with the rest of the dialogue.

If the write-up hasn’t made any sense so far, its because despite the grand ideas and philosophies that surround the movie, it entire plot seems segmented and unfocused. The actors are great, from Sala the photographer to Morgren the reporter covering the crime and religion beat, all are well fleshed out and believable. However, when the beautiful woman is introduced, the movie soon derails itself and crashes somewhere in the jungle, losing both itself and the plot. As such, the general audience may not enjoy this movie as much as Johnny Depp fans and other individuals who hold romantic notions about journalism.


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