Conan the Barbarian

Barbarically confusing


To sum up Conan the Barbarian, it is a bad, mad and bloody rush to an uninspired ending with a lot of naked flesh and yelling. Whatever thoughts you have of this show living up to Robert E. Howard epic or even the 1990s animated series…forget it.


The tale of Conan remains roughly true to its roots, the barbarian is the sole survivor of a vicious attack on his village. Forced to see his father, the village chief die before his very eyes, Conan (Jason Momoa) swears revenge on his mysterious attackers, and begins a life quest, travelling the world training, slaying, drinking, loving and ultimately seeking the man who killed his father. Eventually he stumbles on the one thing his father’s killer seeks, a woman of unique blood necessary as a human sacrifice as for ultimate power.

Now there is no problem with the storyline.

The problem lies with the fact that everything is rushed and the characters, save the eponymous hero, have zero character development. Conan’s allies are not fleshed out at all and left with as much colour and feature as a gray wall. Khalar Zym, portrayed by Stephen Lang of Avatar fame, fares little better. He has five lieutenants not including his daughter. The first gets tortured and put down in an incredibly brutal manner,  the second literally gets the ride of the life, but evil henchmen three, four and five suffer deaths that make one think they were more to well dressed extras rather than trusted advisors.

After all blood has been splattered, all foes slain, Conan doesn’t really entertain and readers may be better off waiting for the rental or even watching select scenes on youtube.


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