Editor’s letter: I’m upgrading – sorry.

Recently the two cents hasn’t exactly been regularly updated. I apologise. I’ve been trying to find better stuff to put on the blog. Movie reviews, while fun just don’t the kick that certain features have. Furthermore, while movie reviews are somewhat staple, they don’t quite have the readability of other feature types.

The main purpose of this blog has been and always been the development of my portfolio as well as to write articles that help with the Good Fight – you know, articles that help spur a more positive change in attitudes and society. I don’t need my name up in lights (though I’ll take the money mind you).  It ain’t easy. But I’ll keep writing. I thank you for reading and coming back so often. For without you, the two cents wouldn’t be worth even that.

Thanks =)


One comment

  1. Saw

    Keep at it bro! Writing to incite positive changes is truly an admirable cause. You’ll probably be my source of inspiration should i pick up the pen (or keyboard) again. All the best!

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