Special 8 (2011)

ET of Gen Y


War of the Worlds told the story of a hostile alien situation through the eyes of everyday civilians. Invasion LA demonstrated the raw grit of Earth’s defenders in action. Super 8 however, spins the hostile alien idea all the way around, giving it a new angle by letting the kids be the central focus.

It’s the summer of 1979 in the small rural but picturesque town of Lilian. Five friends are keen to enter a youth movie competition with their zombie movie. While at the train station, the group accidentally capture a failed kamikaze attempt to derail a US Airforce train. The would-be kamikaze driver warns the children to ignore the incident and play dumb. The kids attempt to do so and try to ignore the strange occurrences that plague the town as the days go by.  In fact, they capitalise on the arrival of Airforce as they initiate clean-up efforts. The plot thickens when the train’s mysterious cargo turns out to be an alien organism with hostile intentions, and the military quarantines the town in an effort to capture it. When one of their numbers is quite literally snatched by the alien, the kids start to investigate the whole incident and find that there is more than meets the eye. Their investigation soon places them in the crosshairs of the military. To make things more complicated, violent family histories and inner emotions soon start to tear at the group. Can they pull themselves to save their friend? Or will the friend become another casualty in the crossfire or worse, the alien’s snack?

All I can say is the ending of the movie was one of the most touching ending’s I’ve ever seen.

Do not mistake Super 8 to be a flashy remake of ET. There are scary bits, bits that made the girl sitting next to me (no she wasn’t my date) flinch violently. Also, while the themes and protagonists are similar, Super 8 features alot more blood. Also evident is the theme of forgiveness and letting go.

Two plus points to watch this movie is to see the lovely, young and talented Elle Fanning in action as well as hear – that right – hear the sounds of the movie. The sound effects are pretty awesome and extremely creepy at some points.

Super 8 is definitely worth your time and money, and well, I’d give it 8 out of 5 stars if I could.


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  1. seriously

    seriously just watch with me these things

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