Yet another vampire movie to – dare I say it – suck

2.5 /5

Priest(2011) Movie Poster

Truth be told, I was quite hesitant to go review this movie. While I enjoy vampire movies a lot, I couldn’t help feeling a sense of apprehension as I purchased the ticket. One of movie poster reminded me too much of the video game Thief: Deadly Shadows and the premise of vampire slaying was, well, a bit overused.  All in all, Priest did not bring anything new to table.

The storyline of Priest is simple: humans and vampires have warred with each other throughout the centuries. Eventually, humanity produces their greatest weapon, the priests — one-man armies that have perfected that art of vampire slaying. The cost of the war however, leads to a scorched earth with most humans living in walled-off, polluted cities governed by the Church. The priests are disbanded and eke out a living as poorly paid civil servants. Years later, a nameless Priest is contacted by the family he left long ago for aid – aid against a threat long dead. To make matters, the eponymous protagonist rides out without the Church’s permission, earning their wrath in the form 4 other priests tasked to hunt him down and bring him back. And if there’s anything else after worse, the renewed vampire threat is helmed by a twisted apparition from the leading Priest’s past.

The movie setting was great somewhat original for a vampire movie: a totalitarian future where the alternative is for the population to eke out a living in the radioactive wasteland littered with the corpses of humanity’s past. The vehicles and certain weapons are bore a steampunk design that is actually quite cool.

On the negative side, the movie is ridiculously short: just over an hour and a half. That being said, the climactic battle isn’t that awesome or tense, and the fight scenes are rather short and dull. There was only one fight scene that really made me go “Whoa!” but the rest was more to… “meh..”

So once the sunsets, vampire lovers and action boys and girls should be able to appreciate this movie. I recommend that everyone else either wait for the DVD release – specifically in the discount bin.


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