Fast Five(2011)

Faster. And a lot more furious.

Fast cars, hot bods and awesome chase sequences comprise the starting lineup that is Fast Five.

Also known as Fast & Furious 5, this crime flick features the return of the protagonists from the previous installments of the Fast & Furious franchise and then some. Ex-cop turned fugitive Brian O’Conner and professional criminal Dominic Toretto are hired by shadowy businessman Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) to extricate three extremely valuable sports cars from DEA custody. But things get complicated when the DEA agents protecting the cars are killed and the duo accidentally stumble on their client’s real objective — information regarding the location of Reyes’ illegal cash houses, totaling close to one hundred million dollars. The duo immediately hatch a plan to rob the corrupt businessman and recruit the talents of some old friends to help with the caper. The Ocean’s Eleven style caper is soon complicated by the arrival of Luke Cobbs (Dwayne Johnson) — a violent, old school, no-such-thing-as-collateral-damage US DEA agent who has never failed to get his man. Cobbs is tasked to track down and apprehend the two fugitives who were framed as the murderers of the DEA agents.

It was definitely a treat to see a talented and hot-looking ensemble working their magic – especially Gal Gadot playing the tough yet feminine weapons expert Gisele Harabo. Did I mention she rides a bike in the movie?

A much bigger treat came in the form of clash between Dwayne Johnson’s character and Vin Diesel’s. It was quite literally a clash of the titans and seeing these two primal forces of nature duke it out in one of the climatic sequences was quite breathtaking. Add to this line-up devastatingly beautiful cars and even more stunning shots of the city of Rio Janeiro – not to mention the steamy actors like Gadot – Fast Five definitely will definitely be breaking the speed limit and maybe even the box office.

However, there were a few bad production moments such as missing bullet holes in the movie. Fast Five also raises a bigger question of how one of the protagonists survived his apparent death in earlier Fast & Furious movie. It should be pointed out that Fast Five has yet to be labeled as a prequel or a sequel to any of the other installments in the series.

Despite these small factual and continuity errors, you will definitely enjoy Fast Five. After all, there’s Vin Diesel versus Dwayne Johnson!


One comment

  1. TAI

    homg finally someone who agrees that this show is ala oceans series. or the italian job. which, honestly, defeats the purpose of fast five! no racing, no cars, no anything! am kinda disappointed actually, it was a bit of a rip off but i enjoyed the show tonnes nevertheless…

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