Battle:LA (2011)

They said the explosions would make you go deaf…


Battle: LA is about an alien invasion and Earth’s defenders losing battle.

What starts out as a normal day quickly goes to hell in a picnic basket when meteorites impact near every major city on Earth. While no Armaggeddon-esque explosion took place, the meteorites turn out to be hostile alien landing craft a la Transformers. Without warning, the ETs soon begin a merciless campaign of extermination.

Enter marine Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz, a soldier haunted by survivor’s guilt. His mission to evacuate casualties soon becomes complicated by enemy action, the death of many squadmates including his officer, enemy air superiority and the eventual decimation of LA’s defenders. While most sane soldiers usually retreat against such odds, Nantz goes tactical and eventually finds the alien main weakness.

Now, alot of reviews have highlighted the bombastic explosions and how they could make one deaf. I was seated about six rows from the front and watching the one hour 56 minutes movie in digital. My eardrums were not, unfortunately, bombed out of my skull (that dubious honour is still retained by Shooter(2007)).

The movie also did not really colour the characters in the movie and re-used alot of war movie cliches. The officer dying, the cold, never-blink, determined protagonist and the hot, tough-as-nails soldier girl are just some of them.

All in all, the movie delivers what it promises: an intergalactic battle in LA, with death and ruin visited by an unknown, nigh unstoppable hostile alien force. Battle: LA is every sci-fi shooter fans dream come true and I certainly did enjoy watching a movie that reminded me of Halo and Crysis.


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