The Chameleon Who Cried Wolf and Saved The Day.


Hailed as Toon True Grit by some netizens, Rango tells the tale of an anthromorphic chameleon that yearns for adventure, fame and fortune. A bump on the road of destiny that is destiny literally sends Rango’s world crashing into the stark wasteland that is the Mohave Desert. Rango soon finds himself embroiled in a battle to save a little frontier town aptly named Dirt. But destiny is a cruel mistress, and the chameleon who cried wolf eventually begins a spiritual journey to find his self identity, adventure and the truth.

Now I am not a fan of animated movies but this one hour 47 minutes stands a head taller than the rest of the other animated movies swamping the movie industry these days. As a family adventure movie, it has a somewhat delicate mix of comedy, simple sexual innuendos and a gritty sense of adventure. Add to this mix major cultural references to some of Director Gore Verbinksi’s earlier works and western icons played by Clint Eastwood — plus a dash of one-liners that only Johnny Depp can spout — Rango had me hooked right away.

Perhaps the best parts of the movie were the shedding of Rango’s self- identity to rediscover himself and the philosophical analysis that accompanied it. No spoilers here but Johnny Depp fans will definitely enjoy it.

At the same time, perhaps too much of the scene resembled Verbinski’s earlier works and this may put off some movie-goers.

Personally, when the dust settles, Rango is one movie that I definitely hope to see a sequel off.


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  1. syaqattack

    i tot we spoze watch together!

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