Warning: Disappointment Zone Ahead


The critics have sung nothing but praises for this giant monster movie. Unfortunately, I don’t see the point of doing anything else other than swearing.

The movie has a simple premise: Alien lifeforms have crashed into Earth. Six years on, they now occupy a sizable chunk of North America.

Enter Samantha Wyndon(Whitney Able); a sweet young thing who is stuck in the Mexican end of the infected zone. The reason for her presence isn’t explicitly stated, but it is hinted that she has issues with her fiancee. Wyndon’s father is the owner of a wealthy publication, and orders a local correspondent, Andrew Kaulder(Scoot McNairy), to find and extricate her to the US. Things get complicated, and rather than take the safer voyage around the coast and the infection zone, the duo has to risk going through the zone instead.

Now, as mentioned in my first paragraph, critics have applauded, among other things, the character development of the leads and the nature of the monsters themselves- of how they are more like gentle space-faring giants who communicate through mournful, whale songs.

What irks me is the way of the entire tale is told. Director Gareth Edwards chose to give a peep of the ending at the start of the movie; on how the duo were being evacuated by the military. Its a good tried and tested way to grab viewer attention.

Now the problem is the ending doesn’t continue the evacuation scene and thus the ‘end’ is quite shockingly abrupt. I left the cinema with others feeling the same sentiment. They however, chose a more, colourful, and in some circles, monstrous language to do so.


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