Season Of The Witch(2010) reviewed!

Didn’t I play something like this in a videogame?


Season of the Witch is a 95-minute, steel-and-sorcery movie with some religious undertones. The movie starts off on a violent high note in the middle of the battlefield, but quickly loses momentum for much of the movie until the final battle where the Witch opens her spell book.

Behman (Nicholas Cage) is a 14th knight on King Richard’s crusade who has gained as almost legendary reputation. However, after years of killing soldiers and innocents alike, he becomes embittered and cynical. Questioning God and his faith, he deserts with fellow knight Felson (Ron Pearlman).Upon their return to England, there are caught by soldiers of the Church.  A ranking Cardinal gives them two simple choices, die as deserters, or escort the Black Witch, a young girl believed to be the source of a mysterious disease ravaging the countryside, to a distant monastery – where the monks hold the knowledge to reverse her spell. To aid them in this quest, the Cardinal sends with them a seasoned warrior, a priest, and an agile altar-boy who dreams of becoming a knight.

Sounds like something out of a videogame right?

Now when I bought tickets for the movie, there was a warning about disturbing scenes.  However, there isn’t much bloodletting as compared to say, Braveheart(1995). Truth be told the movie had only one truly scary scene. The other ‘disturbing’ scenes were more akin of examining one’s scab with morbid fascination, which isn’t unnecessarily a bad thing. Diablo fans and fans of dark fantasy will feel right at home here for the RPG-ish feel of the movie as well as the dark and gloomy setting.

That being said, it might be more economical to just youtube the final fight scene where the Black Witch reveals her true powers rather than buying a ticket and sitting through the mostly slow and boring core of the movie.

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