The Tourist

Romantic spy adventure for some; tourist trap for some


Like the storyline within, The Tourist is abit deceiving with the whole one hour 40 plus minutes coming across more as a romance-spy thriller rather than an action spy thriller.

Set in the beautiful city of Venice, the movie focuses on the cunning of super-thief Alexander Pierce and how he runs rings around the cops of Scotland Yard, a mob that is not quite Russian and the beautiful and mysterious Elise Ward (Angelina Jolie).

Pierce is initially an unseen character, wanted by Scotland Yard for tax evasion and theft from the (not-quite) Russian Mob. To throw Scotland Yard and the mob off the trail, Pierce gets his lover Ward to pick up a guy of same height and build as him. Enter ‘Americano’ tourist Frank Tupelo played by Johnny Depp.

As always, humour is present in the form of pokes at American tourists, the insufferable stubborness of people-in-command and the predictability of men in the presence of beautiful women. This, peppered with the witty one-liners of Jack Sparrow himself creates many hilarious and unforgettable scenes.

While the movie offers a number of shocking twists and turns, the movie has a more romance-thriller feel rather than an action thriller like The Next Three Days.

Ultimately, this movie is as beautiful and mysterious as Elise Ward, but there’s little in the way of action.


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