The video isn’t the problem. Cyber bullying is.

Remember that jc lesbian sex video fiasco?

Tried sending this into ST forum. Got rejected sadly. Maybe not tight enough angle…maybe not clear enough of a point. Regardless…read and enjoy.

I’m intrigued by the articles “JC students in trouble over toilet-sex video” (Oct 8 ) and its follow up review (“Beware: You may be next; Oct 11).

Weeks ago, it was reported in the ST that a recent survey found that Singapore youths are among the most wired in the world. This, coupled with the power, versatility and availability of camera phones and social media has allowed the man on the street to be not only a consumer of content, but the producer as well.

As such, people have taken the liberty to record and post up nearly everything under the sun – from cooking recipes to school fights to kids climbing the sides of multi-storey carparks like spiderman – almost anything you can think of. There can be no way of stopping such a technological or social behavioural revolution.

How then do we maintain safe content?

The common Singaporean should perhaps learn more about media responsibility and self-censorship. Perhaps, along the way we will get a clearer picture of cyber-bullying and its many forms – the root problem here, and a very real problem to affect our young cyber generation.

There will be many reasons why people record acts like ragging, inconsiderate people on the MRT etc. The said person may argue, ” its all in good fun”, or “someday we’ll all laugh bout it”. In some cases even; “that person deserved to be STOMP-ed for being so inconsiderate”, (in my opinion, at least a quarter of the ‘articles’ on STOMP qualify as cyber-bullying, posted to do nothing more than diss on the person annoying the contributor, but thats another story).

The person doing the recording may cite the above reasons, but it will not change that something wrong is being commited.

In the US, cyber-bullying cases have led to deaths; Tyler Clementi’s being the most recent tragic one. When will we begin to understand the difference between an innocent video from a catalytic one that causes people to go into depression or worse? When someone commits suicide in Singapore due to similar circumstances?

We have to relearn the line between entertainment and bullying. The act of bullying, while now done via hi-tech methods, will not lessen its effects.

If anything, I daresay it will only intensify the impact.


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