The Elevator Ride To Hell – Devil (2010)

Devil(2010) 3/5

As the name and trailer suggests, Devil is a one hour 20 minute supernatural thriller about damnation, redemption, the human psyche and of course Satan himself.

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the movie explores the thin veil of social harmony, and how quickly things degenerate even with a simple maintenance failure. Devil also examines the place of superstition in our modern lives.

At first glance, Devil may not sport a powerhouse cast or awesome special effects. However, like the Devil himself in the human guise, Shyamalan will grab your hearts and play with your fears with not one but two demonically twisted games of Russian roulette. The first will have you wondering who dies next in the cramp confines of the lift, while the other will keep you guessing as to who is really The Lord of Hell. Coupled with psychedelic lighting and camera work, there are some parts of Devil that easily makes the heart skip a beat or two.

Unfortunately, some might find Devil nowhere near as frightening or convincing as its other demonically/spiritually/paranormal bethren in other movies (Exorcist anyone?).

Ultimately, Devil is a reasonably good way to give yourself a shock, but don’t kick yourself if you miss it. If anything, elevator rides will never quite be the same ever again.


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